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Brilliant Sound

Enjoy clear, richly detailed sound that fills the room at any volume.

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Setup takes minutes, and control is simple with the Sonos app, AirPlay 2, and your voice.

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Customize your system and play what you want, where you want.

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With Sonos you can easily connect speakers over WiFi to create the sound system you want, and expand it any time.

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What is a wireless speaker?
A wireless speaker connects to your WiFi network to stream audio content. Play:5 does not have a battery and therefore requires AC power.
How do I set up a Sonos speaker?
Download the Sonos app and create an account. Plug your speaker in and open the app. Make sure your device is connected to your home's WiFi network. The app will take you through setup step by step in only a few minutes.
How do the new processor and increased memory affect the product experience?
Currently there are no feature differences between Sonos One Gen 2 and the original version. The original Sonos One will continue to support all its current features, and more, in the future. Over time, however, the increased memory, Bluetooth Low Energy, and processing power may allow us to bring new product experiences to the Gen 2 version that the original will not be able to support. That said, we have no specific Gen 2-only features planned at this time.
Will Sonos One Gen 2 work in stereo pair and as surrounds with the original Sonos One?
Yes, the Gen 2 works seamlessly with the original Sonos One as a stereo pair or home cinema surrounds.
How does Sonos One Gen 2 use Bluetooth Low Energy?
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) was first introduced with Sonos Beam, and now we are bringing it to Sonos One Gen 2. Just like with Beam, BLE can be used to communicate temporarily with your phone or tablet to simplify the first-time setup process. BLE does not support audio streaming. Once setup is done, Sonos One Gen 2 streams and updates via your WiFi just like the original Sonos One.
How can I tell which version I have?
Sonos One Gen 2 is marked as “Gen 2” on the product label underneath the speaker. The original Sonos One only has “One” on the product label.

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